Skin Care - Control Stress Acne With These Common Sense Tips

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When you have stress acne, you have to provide a little extra care for you skin because there are elements at work that can worsen you condition. There are loads of acne products available everywhere claiming to clear up your acne. Some of these products perform well, others do not. Sometimes it depends on your body's response or reaction to any particular skin care product. That said, there are some common tips you can use to minimize acne breakouts and keep your acne from getting worse.
  • Cleanse Your Skin Gently - The simplest tip is to gently cleanse your skin. Avoid harsh and gritty soaps which are designed to scrub grease and grime off your skin. These soaps have ingredients that can worsen your condition if used on areas prone to acne. Seek the advice of a beauty consultant or dermatologist in choosing a gentle, yet effective facial cleanser for your skin...
  • Change To A Clean Pillowcase Daily - If you already have an acne problem, your pillowcase becomes contaminated with acne causing bacteria while you sleep. Not changing your pillowcases regularly will worsen your acne and cause it to spread. So, wash your pillowcases often and change them every night.
  • Men, Shave Carefully - Shave with care to decrease your chances of worsening your acne. Use shaving lotions designed for delicate skin along with gentle soap prior to shaving. The proper shaving lotion combined with warm water softens your beard for a cleaner, smoother shave. Use high-quality razors and avoid the cheap throwaways.
  • Drink Plenty of Water - Keeping yourself hydrated helps control acne. Water is a natural cleanser that flushes toxins out of your body. Drinking water will keep your skin free of acne causing agents and give your skin a healthy glow. Drinking water also has other health benefits. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  • Be Sensible When Choosing Cosmetics - When you have acne, choosing makeup is a tricky situation. Seek advice from a dermatologist or reputable beauty consultant in making wise cosmetic choices. Noncomedogenic cosmetics are a good choice since these are designed not to clog your pores. Those with a serious acne condition may want to steer clear of cosmetics altogether. 
So what can you take away from this article? Some common knowledge that will guide you in your fight against acne. If you're a teenager, remember that many adults have gone through what you are going though today. But acne isn't confined to the teenage years, there are adults who deal with acne also. These tips are intended to start you on the road to being acne-free, but don't stop here. If you have acne, learn all you can about treating it. Overlook the hype. Then determine for yourself what your best course of action is in your battle with stress acne.
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