Dental Care - How to Get White Teeth Without Using Bleaching Products

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These days, there are many over-the-counter teeth bleaching products that are sold in the market. A lot of them have high success rates when it comes to teeth whitening. That said, one can never be sure whether there are any serious side-effects associated with the use of teeth bleaching products. If you use such products regularly, they may potentially do more harm than good in the far future. In this article, we examine several ways you can whiten your teeth without have to resort to bleaching products...

The first way to get white teeth without the use of bleaching products is to simply maintain great oral health. You should brush and floss your teeth after every meal. When you brush your teeth, you should spend at least two minutes brushing every corner of your teeth. The average teeth brushing time tends to be less than that. You won't scrape off all the stains created by the food debris if you only brush for a few seconds. Also, it is equally as important to floss your teeth well. Flossing removes any debris that remain tightly lodged in your teeth gaps. The more food debris that remain in your mouth, the more likely for bacteria to spread across your mouth.
Another way to whiten your teeth is to maintain a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables. This means you should also avoid consuming artificial food such as soft drinks and candies. There are several fruits and vegetables that are known to have natural whitening properties. For example, pineapples are known for their natural anti-inflammatory properties. By having pineapples once a week, you reduce the chances of contracting painful gum diseases such as Periodontal disease and Gingivitis. There are also good reasons for avoiding artificial food. For example, soft drinks like Coke creates ugly stains on your teeth. They also increase the rate at which plaque builds up on your teeth surface. Last but not least, the high acidity of certain artificial food products increases the rate of teeth erosion. Enjoy those kinds of food sparingly if you are looking to whiten your teeth the natural way.
One final thing to note is that it is natural for some people to have naturally yellow teeth. This isn't due to the stains that are created by certain food products, it is because of the way their teeth is structured. Under the outer teeth layer, there is a dental tissue known as dentin. Unlike the enamel layer, dentin is yellow. Therefore, if your enamel layer is naturally thin, your teeth will naturally appear yellow.
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