Hair Loss - How to Stop Hair Loss Effectively

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Lifestyle and diet play an important role in hair growth. Though there are many oils, cosmetics, shampoos and medications available in the market to stop hair fall one must understand the root cause of the problem before using them. While a few cases can be treated using simple herbs and home remedies, a few might require medical attention. Once the right cause is identified you can choose from different remedies to control and reduce hair fall. The most common remedies available for chronic hair fall control are
Herbal Home Remedies

  • Mix a part of lettuce juice to a part of spinach juice and consume it daily to prevent hair loss.
  • Massage your scalp with coconut milk and leave it for a few minutes. It not just moisturizes the follicles but also facilitates new hair growth.
  • Though baldness cannot be cured completely, it can be stopped or prevented. Cut an onion into half and rub it on the patches of baldness. Leave it to dry and rub honey on it after a couple of minutes.
  • Those with dry and rough hair can try a mixture of Alma oil and coconut oil.
  • Potatoes and rosemary provide nutrients to the hair. They promote hair growth and stop hair fall. Boil both of them and mash to get a smooth pulp. Strain it later with a strainer and rinse the hair with the juice.
  • Consumption of green tea reduces hair fall to great extent. The anti-oxidants present in it promote hair growth and controls hair fall.
Surgery- an Alternate Remedy
There are two types of surgeries available for hair loss - Hair transplant and Scalp reduction. Hair transplant is suggested for those with patchy baldness resulting from hereditary hair loss. Small sections of hair from the back of the scalp are removed and transplanted in the bald areas. Scalp reduction treatment, on the other hand involves replacement of bald skin with skin bearing hair follicles.
Supplements - for Nourishment
Though most of us believe that the diet we consume is self-contained with all the essential nutrients, the reality is different. The factors other than routine such as excessive stress, adulteration, pollution, physical and mental workouts demand more fuel than sufficient. The adverse effects of the stressful life affect health, skin and even the scalp. To avoid this one must ensure that his or her meals include extra calories and nutrients. Vitamin and protein supplements are the most commonly prescribed and used supplements. They are available in the form of pills and powders which can help in controlling hair fall and premature greying of the hair.
Though these techniques help in preventing baldness and hair loss, one must try to maintain an active lifestyle with healthy diet and adequate exercise and rest to keep all the problems at bay.
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